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Experience and Professionalism

Decal Technologies is a full service international installation company that strives to make sure every job is done accurately and on time. Professionalism is key.   All of our installers are 3M certified.  And of course we have a keen eye on keeping our customers satisfied on all job sites.  We have found that accuracy and professionalism are the two cornerstones of the graphic installation industry.

We were the first company in Southern California to wrap the famous Santa Monica Pier Ferris wheel

Bring Any Challenge Large Or Small

Decal Technologies started installing graphics in 1996.  In 2001, we became founding members of the UASG (United Application Standards Group).  This organization created the standards by which all installation companies strive to become. We are also 3M Certified.  In 2008, we were awarded first place for installation by Sign of the Times magazine in a nationwide search for the best install of the year.  The award was presented for our work on the monorails in Las Vegas.  Decal Technologies travels all over the world in search of the ultimate installation.  We have conquered trains, planes, helicopters and automobiles.  We also have specialized crews for all of your retail and architectural installations.  

Zach and Kevin putting up the frosted window 79x140 in above picture

Quality Is The Cornerstone

At Decal Technologies we will make your installation easy and seamless regardless of any challenge.  We understand that most job sites are different and have potential challenges  but with skill, knowledge and ingenuity we can complete any job.  Our team of professional installers will help to meet all of your installation needs.

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19602 county lane, santa ana, CA 92705, US

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